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E.W. Brooks: A Woman who lives her dreams

 E.W. Brooks is a woman who lives her dreams. She began her career as a North Carolina author with a love for words and tons of stories to tell. From a young age, she knew writing was her gift for it was something that always came naturally. Brooks was encouraged time and time again throughout her college career to become a writer. She finally took that leap of faith in 2013 when she penned and published her first novel. 

While writing, "Mafietta," her first book, Brooks realized she wanted to take the novel a step further and from there she produced her first short film. It was then she discovered her love for filmmaking and she was hooked. 

Brooks' "Mafietta" won the Audience Choice Award at the International Black Film Festival and she held private screenings in Charlotte, North Carolina, Wilmington, North Carolina, and Manhattan, New York. More recently, E.W. wrote, directed and produced a short filmed titled, "Blind," which was recognized with an honourable mention at the 2019 London X4 Seasonal Short Film Festival. 


E.W. holds a Master of Arts in organizational management with a concentration in media management and a Bachelor of Arts in project management. She is skilled in public affairs and digital media strategy and has been presented two Civilian Achievement Awards in the area of Advertising and Public Affairs. She has used her professional on-the-job experience and educational background to launch a social media marketing and digital consulting agency to provide DIY guides, workbooks, customized one-on-one content creation, and individual brand consulting for the entrepreneur and business owner.

Additionally, Brooks is currently in pre-production for her latest film, "3 Days Leave" and is adapting her novels "Legacy" and "Envy and Eye Candy" for feature film.

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Brooks specializes in novellas that quickly grab her readers' attention. Her books can easily be read during a long flight or road trip.  Her wide range of topics and life issues embrace diversity and redemption. 

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