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Starring: Deelishis, Murda mook, and saudia mccray

An Award Winning Short Film Based on the Novel Series By E.W. Brooks  



 When my children ask me how I did it, I tell them I watched the mistakes of those that came before me. Then I used their mistakes to create the playbook that took our family to the top.

Up until our time, many were the stories of kingpins turned inmates. Most often, the girlfriends, mistresses, and wives who survived the experience were lost once their man was shipped away on a forced vacation.

This would not be me. I turned this paradigm on its head. I turned trouble season into double season!!!!! I became a BOSS. I became Mafietta 


Mafietta II

 Errol Bellow’s return has the Port City Kings on edge. As money turns up missing and hidden secrets are uncovered, Clarke is left to decide just how far she’s willing to go for love and her new family. 


Mafietta III

 Mandell Marlowe just can’t get it right. Not only has he made a failed attempt to murder The Port City King’s beloved Mafietta, he is cheating on one of the richest women on the East Coast. As Mandell’s lies catch up with him, he has no idea who will catch him first. But he know’s someone is coming because he’s crossed Daddy’s Little Girl. 

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The Mafietta red carpet film premiere Wilmington NC

E.W. Brooks Films hosts the Red Carpet Premiere of Mafietta in Wilmington North Carolina with cast members Murda Mook and Saudia McCray starring Instagram Influencer Deelishis and Whiteville Rapper William "C-Dub" Smith.

Video by: TrueWayve

Mafietta Theme Song by: J Quinn

Final Edit by: Ozzie Ni

Audience reactions to the Mafietta film debut in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Mafietta Film Premiere Charlotte, NC

"Flyy Girl" Author, Omar Tyree attends the Mafietta book series film premiere at Bar One Lounge in Charlotte. The book series was written by E.W. Brooks . 

it all began with a book and a dream

. . . but I had to use social media marketing to capitalize on my art

One may ask why a filmmaker would turn digital consultant and the answer is pretty simple. If you create an amazing film and have no way to market it, you’ll most likely end up with a great home video. In today's digital world, it isn’t enough to make great films or write great novels because they won't just fly off the shelves. It is vital to create a marketing buzz to make sure our audience knows that our "must-have"  product is available.

This is where social media marketing can play a major role in your success and also the reason my husband and I started Brooks Digital Consulting. We realized that writing and filmmaking was only one part of the process and we wanted to understand it all.  Now, when we aren't filming, we help others in our former predicament find their way in the realm of social media marketing. We create social media content, lead magnets for email marketers, and work with small business owners to lay out marketing strategies that will propel their businesses forward and reach their marketing objectives.

Official E.W Brooks Logo

Official E.W Brooks Logo