Mafietta: Based on the Novel by E.W. Brooks

 Mafietta chronicles the story of a woman drawn to a man on the wrong side of the tracks. When this good girl turns mafia queen, she is forced to choose between the love she's always wanted and a lifestyle she's grown to hate 

Adapted by: Alicia Allen and E.W. Books | Produced by: Mafietta TV

Starring: Deelishis, Murda Mook, and Saudia Mcray



Rebecca Crump is sexually violated. Ten years later she has a chance at vengeance – and she takes it – all the way to the bank. 

Written and Directed by: E.W. Brooks | Produced by: Anthony Brooks, Sr.

Starring:  Saudia McCray as Rebecca Crump 

With:  Brynn L. Mosley, G.L. Richardson, Renaissance Jones, Nelson J. Davis and Keon Taylor

Child Support

In this sequel to "BLIND," The Masters Brothers, set to go into business with their family are now "BLIND"sided with child support and face an even bigger problem than lost money.

Written and Directed by: E.W. Brooks | Produced by: Anthony Brooks, Sr.

Starring:  Brynn L. Mosley, G.L. Richardson, Renaissance Jones, Nelson J. Davis 

With: Monica Crumpler, Dana Terry, and D.L. Glass

3 DAYS LEAVE Currently in Pre-Production


LOGLINE: When a community activist is gunned down by small town police, his brother, a decorated Army sniper takes 3 days leave to dispense justice.

SYNOPSIS: Community Activist Antonio Snipes is senselessly shot and killed by a small-town police officer, ringing bells in his older brother’s ears. Major Andrew Snipes, a decorated Army officer and sniper, takes 3 days leave from his active duty service to return to North Carolina and bury his kin. Once Andrew arrives, he discovers the harrowing facts behind his brother’s murder and has no problem delivering his own version of justice. 

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E.W. Brooks, filmmaker - headshot
Photo credit: Anthony Brooks, Sr.

I Love Filmmaking

I was bitten by the bug!


I wrote my first book in 2013. “Mafietta” was its name. The funny thing about writing this book was that as I wrote the words, I saw a movie playing in my head. In those moments, my vision was clear. I was going to make a movie. 

At that time it seemed the strangest thing to say aloud. Who was I? I was a military wife who’d never done much more with a camera than take some pretty cool pictures and an occasional home video. However, the dream would not subside and I knew I had to do it. I could see my future clearly. I would be a filmmaker. 

The first time I had “Mafietta” shot, it was a trailer filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. I sent the director/producer a few hundred dollars and he sent me the finished product. The next time, I hired producer/director Jahmar Hill and he met me in North Carolina and I watched as he and his crew created “Mafietta,” the short film.  That’s when I fell in love with filmmaking. 

The third time I filmed “Mafietta,” I produced it. I upped my budget. No, let’s be honest, I quadrupled my budget and that’s when I won my first award. It wasn’t easy, though. I had to learn social media marketing quickly. It wasn’t enough to just make this film, I had to promote it too. It took me a minute to wrap my mind around applying SEO to what I was doing, but I figured it out. My mother-in-law hired an amazing web designer and he gave me a crash course to help me. I learned to make some simple graphics and the rest is history.

I put the trailer on YouTube and the next thing I knew, “Mafietta” had over 500,000 views. We were selected for a few film festivals. I found myself traveling a bit, meeting people, and suddenly I had my first set of leaves as an award winning filmmaker. “Mafietta” won the Audience Choice Award at the International Black Film Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Then it was official, I’d been bitten by the bug. I met some actor’s I fell in love with and suddenly my search was simpler when it came time to film. A full feature titled, “Church” followed. I’ve yet to have that edited, but I’ll get around to it eventually. Then “Blind” came next. It is currently available on Amazon and “Child Support” will come next. It is currently in post-production and being edited.

“Three Days Leave” will follow and will be different that anything you all have seen from me and I can’t wait. It will be amazing!

Stay tuned, I feel like Diddy, “Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.”

The Digital Consultant

I had to learn quickly that producing a film meant being responsible for marketing it too.  I had to learn social media marketing and fast, but I did. In fact, I went back to school and got a Master's degree in Media Management and the rest is history. Now I help others do the same. I freelance as a digital consultant - that's when I'm not making films, of course.